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How much does the Safely panel cost?


​​​​​Safely is free to download. It’s 100% free to import your recent test results from pretty much any provider, clinic, or lab. Basically, there's no excuse not to have your current status on your phone!

You can book testing at over 2500 locations right through the app.

Safely accepts most health insurance plans, and also offers an affordable $99 out-of-pocket option. If you are using insurance, in most cases you are only responsible for your copay (as long as STD tests are covered by your plan -- users are responsible for knowing their benefits). If you wind up getting a copay bill that is higher than you like, you can always just pay the $99 out of pocket cost directly to Safely. 


Contact support@safeapp.me if you’ve already been tested and would like to use our cash pay option rather than insurance.