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Importing Results

Where can I import results from?
You can import results from wherever you were last tested from any provider, cli... more
How long does it take for my results to appear in the app?
If you were tested through the Safely app, your results will be updated in 2-3 b... more
How can my test results really be verified?
Safely connects directly to the medical records systems of the testing labs, fro... more
What happens if I do not remember my doctor’s name?
It is understandable if you cannot remember your doctor’s name. If you include t... more
What if I try to import my recent test records and my physician refuses to release them?
It is important that you know your rights to facilitate your use of Safely and i... more
Why is it taking so long for my import request to be fulfilled?
Although we do our best to get your results to you ASAP, some provider offices a... more
Why am I being sent an additional form to sign?
You have the right to access your medical information; however, your healthcare ... more
How does Safely make getting tested easier?
There is no other service that lets you get tested and schedule testing on your ... more
How do I share my status?
Your status is shareable from your phone by swiping right from the app home scre... more
Can anyone else see or look up my STD status?
Your status is only shown within the Safely app on your phone. It's never sent o... more