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What Is Safely?

What is Safely and how does it work?
​ Safely is the easiest and cheapest way to get tested and the only app that al... more
What is Safely's mission?
Safely's mission is help empower everyone to be sexually accountable and play a ... more
What are Safely's hours?
Safely can be accessed 24/7 and you can send us a message at any time. Messages ... more
Which states is Safely available in?
Safely is available in all 50 states. more
Where can I find the Safely app?
​​​​​​iPhone users can find the app by searching “The SAFE Sex App” in the Apple... more
Why does Safely use “STD” and not “STI”?
Quite a large effort was put into evaluating the use of STD (sexually transmitte... more
Do I still need to see my doctor for my annual exam if I use Safely?
Yes. While the Safely app offers a convenient and easy option to keep your sexu... more
How does Safely make getting tested easier?
There is no other service that lets you get tested and schedule testing on your ... more
Where can I provide feedback or get in contact with Support?
You can message us through the Safely app by tapping "Contact Support" or our Li... more
How is my STD status verified?
Safely connects directly to the medical records systems of the testing labs, fro... more
How much does the Safely panel cost?
​​​​​Safely is free to download. It’s 100% free to import your recent test resul... more
What tests are included on the panel?
​​​​​​HIV, HEP-C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, HSV2 (optional but highly reco... more
How do I share my status?
Your status is shareable from your phone by swiping right from the app home scre... more