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Getting Tested

Can I see my lab results in a PDF form?
Yes! We offer a PDF of your lab results right in the app. To download a PDF of... more
Should I get tested even if I do not have any symptoms?
Yes! If you have been sexually active since your last test, the last time you w... more
I always use a condom, do I need to get tested?
As with all STDs, the most effective protection is to abstain from sexual activi... more
How soon should I get tested after having sex with a new partner?
Every disease has a window period during which the presence of the infection may... more
What’s the appointment like and what do I need to bring to my appointment?
Please bring an ID and insurance card (if you plan on using your insurance to co... more
What do I do if I am at my appointment and they are having an issue finding my order?
​​​If you are having any trouble with your order upon arriving to your Quest Dia... more
Can I schedule an appointment with a Safely physician?
​​​​​ At this time, only patients who get tested through Safely and have a posi... more
What guarantees someone hasn’t contracted an STD since their last test?
Nothing. Safely makes risky behavior safer. It is NOT a failsafe. Test results ... more
How do I share my status?
Your status is shareable from your phone by swiping right from the app home scre... more
Do I still need to see my doctor for my annual exam if I use Safely?
Yes. While Safely offers a convenient and easy option to keep your sexual healt... more
What happens if I miss my appointment?
No worries, we understand that life happens! You can either reschedule your app... more
Why is HSV2 (Genital Herpes) optional?
First, it’s important to know that there are two types of HSV (1 and 2) that cau... more
After I've made my appointment, can I go to another testing center or get tested at a different time?
Yes! You can either reschedule your existing appointment through the Safely app... more
What happens if all of my results are negative?
If all your results are negative from your STD panel, then there is no need to c... more
Does Safely provide prescriptions if I have a positive result?
Depending on the specific infection, a Safely provider may be able to treat you ... more
Can I schedule an appointment online?
At this time, you have to download the Safely app in order to sign up for and sc... more
Will the results from all my tests with Safely show up in the app?
If you've been tested multiple times with Safely, only your most recent results ... more
Can I speak with a Safely Provider?
Yes and no. At this time, provider consults are provided if you have a positive... more
What types of samples will be taken?
The tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia are done on a urine specimen. For syphilis... more