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Why does Safely use “STD” and not “STI”?


Quite a large effort was put into evaluating the use of STD (sexually transmitted disease) vs. STI (sexually transmitted infection). We had discussions with numerous government and non-governmental organizations, public health and infectious disease physicians, and student groups. While it was a close call, we decided to go with STD to remain consistent with our partners the CDC, NIH, and ASHA (American Sexual Health Association).

While STI is technically more accurate term (you can have an infection, and not express the disease—i.e., you can have HIV but not AIDS), the decision to remain consistent with the public health officials were primarily based on public awareness of the term STD compared to STI.

Our mission is to eradicate STDs/STIs in our lifetime, and to accomplish this we need to use methods and terminology that reach the maximum number of people.